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Osborne takes huge hit over budget outcry

Following the unveiling of the 2016 Budget on March 16th, Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne has suffered a monumental hit to his approval ratings. According to research supplied by Ipsos MORI, three in five British adults polled stated that they were dissatisfied with the Chancellor’s performance.

This news comes at a time where approval ratings of the new Budget are significantly low, with only 30% of British adults believing that the Budget’s proposals are good for the country as a whole. Perhaps what is worse still for the Conservative Party, however, is that only 29% of those polled believed the Budget’s proposals will benefit the future generation, with a considerable 53% thinking that they are harmful. Given that the Conservative’s Budget proposals historically coincide with their policy of austerity (which aims to alleviate the burden of debt for future generations) one can imagine how worrying these statistics may be for the party.

Despite these poor approval ratings regarding public opinions towards Osborne and the latest Budget, the Chancellor still retains the backing of his party, with 58% of all Conservative supporters polled saying they were satisfied with his performance. This does not mean that the Chancellor’s approval ratings should not be considered a disaster, however, as Osborne’s approval rating is now equal to his scores from March 2013 – the lowest his popularity has ever been.

These results, following a budget which was generally considered a disaster, may have huge ramifications for Osborne in the long term. Much of the existing literature on Osborne has stressed that he may still be able to become the next leader of the Tories, but only time will tell if his newly-slashed popularity will damage his chances for good.

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