Bubble Schmeisis

Bubble Schmeisis is full of intimate and personal true stories about identity, home and getting schmeised (washed) by old men. Summerhall Venue 26 at 3pm.


A one-man show… plus two musicians… some fruit… a tub of hot water… and the opportunity to watch someone being schmeised. What more could one expect from Fringe? However, Bubble Schmeisis is not all it appears, woven through the comedy and charisma of host and actor Nick Cassenbaum¬†is a very thought provoking, striking show.

Full of intimate anecdotes from Nick’s life there are many instances where the audience laughs at the absurdity of the tales, yet is left with a slightly bitter taste. His charming openness is magnetic and we hang on his every word as he tells us about his life. However, do not think this is a self indulging self centred monologue – Nick has an agenda and he delivers it. Focusing on stories in which his Jewish heritage has been central we follow him on a journey of discovery as he and the fantastic musicians paint a picture of his life and experiences.

Many of the stories are tinged by anti-semitic encounters in situations where one struggles to see how his Jewishness was even relevant to the predicament. It is clear throughout the play that even today it is difficult for certain individuals in society to look past people’s ethnicity, religion and culture without prejudice. Bubble Schmeisis¬†definitely has a point to make and it makes it very very well indeed.

The two musicians, Daniel Gouldy and Josh Middleton, were extremely talented, exaggerating Nick’s humour with an array of perfectly chosen Klezmer tunes and giving the performance a little lift in terms of overall aesthetic.

It is difficult to say much else without spoiling the production except that it is a must-see. This production has the potential to make a lot of people think which is a key aspect of arts and the Fringe festival and it has the crew and actor talented enough to allow it to be a very slick and polished performance.


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