Briefs has to have been the naughtiest, campest and multi-talented show at Fringe. It is either your cup of tea or it really really isn’t – but if it is it’ll be the finest damn artisan Earl Grey you’ve ever tasted. An insanely rich medley of drag, circus, dance and burlesque covered sequins and feathers and a whole lot of sweat.

The Australian collective started performing together in 2008 and joined us for Fringe before they head to Cologne and then London, in September. On a thrust stage (pun intended) in the main Assembly Hall venue, the show could not have been further from the hall’s term time activities, such as the University’s prestigious Welcome Ceremony, attended by Princess Ann.

The audience is treated to a huge variety of performances from an incredibly sexy school boy and his Rubix cube strip tease, to a bizarre ballet dancing monkey deep throating a banana and an even weirder act with three of the men in drag and three dressed as their terribly obedient pups. With act after act, the hour whizzes by almost as fast as the guys manage to whip off their clothes.

The most impressive thing about the show is that their skills as dancers and circus performers actually manage to outshine their perfect bodies and elaborate costumes. Between the seven of them ,the wealth of talent is incredible: from ballet to break dancing, acrobatics, trapeze, juggling and the list goes on.

Their run at Fringe may be over but if you get a chance to catch these boys on tour, grab it.

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