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Brexit and Trump: The restoration of Western civilisation


It is indeed official: Donald Trump is the President Elect of the United States of America. This has been welcomed in the US with widespread protests by mostly students and Communists who have been seemingly funded by none other than the corporatist, George Soros. The establishment in America has been rocked and they are clawing and trying to find any way around the American political system. The political establishment just have not come to realise why the people will no longer buy their heavily funded media outlets and constant barrage of attempts at indoctrination. However, in partnership with Brexit, why is a Trump victory the best thing for civilisation in the West?

What does Trump stand for?

We should first analyse the fact and fiction of President Elect Trump’s policies and the failure of the media in the US. I cannot explore the totality of his policies but merely the ones which are consistently misrepresented. Well, what are the most prominent claims against Trump? Sexism, racism, misogyny, warmongering are amongst the most willingly repeated. I’ve picked three points on which to make a point:

#1 – He is a racist who wants to deport Muslims and Mexicans

We’ll deal with the two separately. With regards to Muslims Trump specifically said that he wants to put a hold on Muslim immigration into the US while a more effective immigration system is introduced. Why does he want this? Currently, there are very little controls with regards to Muslim immigration into the US and Trump, quite correctly, pointed out that the entities with which we are at levitra uk only apps war are Islamic. Therefore, there is a higher chance that the Muslims migrating to the US are of a more violent disposition towards the US and its cultural values and as such this should be restricted until an effective system is put in place. With regards to Mexicans, it is thought that all Mexicans will be deported and the wall is an attempt to keep all Mexicans out of the US. It is not. The concept of the nation state has been mocked and castigated but the whole concept thereof is meant to be a benefit to those who are citizens of said nation state. Illegal immigration should then be completely prevented and any individuals or families who have entered the nation state illegally should be removed. Why? Well, not only does it defeat the concept of the nation state it also defeats the purpose of having a genuine immigration system and is a denigration of those who have gone through the lawful process to enter the nation state. Still think that these policies represent racism? If so, I think you have misunderstood racism.

#2 – He is a misogynist who hates women and their rights

Firstly, this tends to be a direct result of his stance as pro-Life but he does not refuse support the right to choose. His policies with regards to abortion effectively state that the government should not be offering abortion freely but he still supports the rights of private organisations to do so. The issue currently is that if abortion is seen as a right then someone who has an issue with abortion may have to participate in it even if they reservations about doing so. Trump is a libertarian and as such the right to choose and the right to refuse have to be equally protected. People also tend to conflate his sexist comments with genuine misogyny. People have to realise two things: heterosexual males when together tend to have conversations which may follow a similar pattern and this does not amount to misogyny. Quite frankly, the current feminist narrative is keen to remove any masculinity out of men and have us breed feminine men far removed from their nature.

#3 – He hates gays and their rights

There is no greater claim than Trump hating gays and the fact that it has no basis is even more worrying. Trump and his Vice President, Mike Pence, believe that the Supreme Court decision to label marriage equality a ‘constitutional right’ was wrong not only because it violates the First Amendment, regarding religious liberty, but again, like his policy on abortion, he supports people’s choice to refuse. He is not intending to make marriage equality illegal but instead ensure that if someone does not want to engage in a same sex marriage ceremony then they have the freedom to refuse. Apart from that there is no other basis for this claim.

I believe I have shown how the claims against Trump are without basis and from here we should analyse how Brexit is a similar situation to the election of Donald Trump.

How does Brexit compare?

Brexit was another blow against the establishment but this time in the UK. It seems that a large proportion of the populations of both countries decided that they had had enough with regards to state multiculturalism, unchecked mass immigration, lack of industrial and economic strength, and the presence of a political elite who the pubic could no longer relate to. Although people from minorities did indeed vote for Trump and Brexit and may have been crucial in the respective victories of both, it seems that there was a general dissatisfaction and disillusionment from a significant body of white working class and lower middle class earners. These are the people on both sides of the Atlantic who are feeling the squeeze and they don’t agree that the best way to pull themselves out of poverty is to pull the rich down instead they want to see more functional income in their pockets rather than in the government coffers. This is a revolution for the modern age but it is the naivety of the liberal establishment that they believe that revolutions could only come from the left – this time it has come from the right.

Why Brexit and Trump are necessary?

Western civilisation is failing. Culture is being degrading and we are forever moving in the direction of single unitary governments, single markets and single currencies. People no longer feel connected to the land they inhabit and the central institutions which gave societies their basis and strength have gone. Yet people are not simply happy to sit back and allow themselves to be overtaken by the coming homogenised, bald and thoroughly cultureless society – they have decided to take a stand. With Trump and Brexit we may yet see the tide of ever increasing liberal attitudes and sensibilities be stopped when for the first time in potentially decades the West has decided that it can no longer believe in the empty and hollow promise of homogeneity when that means that people have to destroy an integral part of themselves.

This is the beginning of something big.

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