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Brendon Burns: Dumb White Guy

Brendon Burns is a comedy legend. He has won the top comedy award at the Edinburgh Festival, released a book, several DVDs and CDs, and appeared on numerous TV shows throughout the world. Dumb White Guy shows you why.

The show is mostly about being white, and white guilt it is the kind of thing you can find ten a penny at the Fringe. However Burns’ eloquence and anger sets it apart from anything else in the festival. His ability to be both hilarious and intelligent when calling out fellow members of his race and fellow countrymen for their past indiscretions is incredible. A soliloquy of humour and righteous indignation, and it’s wonderful.

Calling out Australia and the country’s government for its actions, Dumb White Guy manages to be both funny and informative, providing huge laughs as well as agreeing rounds of applause. Seeing a master like Burns at work is a thing to behold. As he gurgles his way through more and more energy drinks, Monster being his beverage of choice since quitting drinking, he becomes increasingly animated. The audience is taken for quite a ride, dragged through the political issues of the aboriginal population of Australia. Although this might not sound like a laugh a minute, Burns’ turn of phrase and impeccable comic mind make the show one of the most memorable at the festival.

Also, in classic Burns’ style it comes with a twist, but one he makes the audience agree not to give away. Be assured however, that it is worth it.

Burns’ is a true comic genius, and this is a fantastic example of that. A show that could charge what it likes, and yet is on the free fringe, it really shouldn’t be missed.

Brendon Burns: Dumb White Guy is running until 28th August, Liquid Room Annex, Edinburgh, 18.15

Image credit: Brendon Burns

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