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A vivacious, honest and joyful devised production, The PappyShow’s first full length work ‘BOYS’ is a refreshing exploration of what it means to navigate the landscape of male maturation. By asking insightful questions around toxic masculinity and culminating into a wonderful celebration of young men.

BOYS is a cast of nine men of colour, who have clearly formed a camaraderie over the two years of the development for this production. The short running time (just over an hour) keeps the audience on their toes, as we move from elated dance breaks into explorations of discipline. The lack of a set and the clever use of minimalist costumes allows us to feel as though we really get to know these actors. They come from communities that span the globe, and retain an incredible individuality in this ensemble piece.

The production spans chapters of a man’s life, some of which are entitled things like ‘discipline’, ‘endurance’ and ‘competition’. Although these titles present a heavy set of ideals, which one would assume are instilled from an outside world, they are explored in unexpected ways, such as a dance competition, exploration of familial histories and tightly rehearsed choreography.

The choreography created by the ensemble and Roly Botha in BOYS is so well rehearsed that it has the affect of a casual, impromptu exploration. This keeps the jovial and spontaneous feel of the production moving along.

Put simply, this show feels like hanging out with a bunch of your mates, hearing about their lives, listening to their stories and watching them interact with each other is a delight.

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