Blush is performing at 6pm at Underbelly Cowgate.

‘She just needs to understand that it’s not her fault, that she’s not to blame, that she’s not a slut.’ Three women and two men swim in shame. Everyone’s exposed. Everyone wants revenge. No one’s talking about it. Five candid stories about revenge porn and all its many victims. Blush is a slap in the face and a call to arms.

Written by Charlotte Josephine, Snuff Box Theatre’s new production Blush explores the issue of revenge porn and the way people can be sexualised and abused through shame on social media. Directed by Ed Stambollouian this play is incredibly hard hitting but enlightening at the same time.  Examining five different stories where the character, either the victim or the perpetrator, is involved in an incident where someone is publicly shamed through sex, often to devastating consequences. These are crimes that are only just starting to be recognised by the law and the laws are still very flimsy with many loopholes and difficult to enforce.


With two actors, Charlotte Josephine and Daniel Foxsmith, playing the five characters the play had the potential to become a little stagnant as a two person show. However, their relationship on stage was magnetic with each character switch seamless and easy to follow. Their passion for the subject was clear and each scene was impassioned and captivating. With such a sensitive topic it could have been quite possible to make the audience on edge and make them feel too uncomfortable but the script itself ensured that the stories were handled delicately. They remained compelling and effective and so realistic, with every sad ending more and more believable.


A fantastic play with a real point to make. A well-deserved standing ovation at the end made it clear what the sold-out Fringe audience thought and why this is one of the must-see shows of the year.

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