Bit Of Sunshine

Bit of Sunshine is performing at Space on the Mile at 6.05pm.

In this poignant, raw and honest new writing piece by young writer Nicole Zweiback, a young girl explores what it’s like growing up with mental illness and the lifelong struggle of addiction. A dark comedy about coming of age in a world obsessed by the struggle for perfection.

Bloody Deeds Productions in Association with Kilter Theatre brings a Bit of Sunshine to the Edinburgh Fringe. Kilter was formed by Ed and Katie to bring new explorative theatre to the stage and to look at issues that do not get enough time or focus in the arts world. This indepth and very expressive look into mental illness and bulumia is extremely powerful and a great first piece for this exciting and emerging company.

Nicole Zweiback’s piece of new writing is very honest and heartfelt. Her acting is captivating and the emotion and energy she brings to her performance is inspiring – the audience was engrossed from start to end. The direction for the piece was perfect – a very visual representation of mental illness with Zweiback rearranging seven chairs continuously and frantically. Watching Zweiback as Ciara try to represent how she is feeling on stage and showing how through her bulimia she feels she is in control. We then watch as her bulimia takes control of Ciara and her world spirals downwards.


This is a very important piece which gives a glimpse into the world of mental illness and helps show how far from simple it is. An astounding piece of work with a very compelling story to tell.

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