Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show- Pleasance Dome

The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show is jam-packed with laughs from beginning to end. The show alternates between three different menus and each menu contains five pieces of new writing performed by a team of six performers, all highly skilled in multirole. Creating new characters and new settings in moments, using only props and costume changes, keeps this show fast paced.

Once I’d been given some strawberries, a croissant, a coffee and a program I took my seat. It was a full house, as it always seems to be. A top tip is to not bring much with you as you need your hands free to carry all these goodies. Also make sure you only buy your ticket if you are sure you can get up early, cos believe me you don’t want to miss a moment.



The first piece Battlelines by Stephanie Weston explored sexism in society through a member of the re-enactment society arguing that a “woman” should not be part of the Battle of Hasting because of “historical accuracy”. With the ensuing retorts from those believing in gender blind casting, a very fair fight for the role of William the conqueror, and an epic closing line, this piece was a great victory for me and any fellow feminists in the room.

Home by William knowelden was the second piece and we were transported to a space shuttle, a space shuttle heading home at last after an epic three year mission. Filled with the most unexpected outbursts of honesty as the tension building between the three characters finally erupts. Each character had a journey of discovery and we are left with a cliff hanger.

The third piece I’ve Tried it Once by Dave Simpson began with a character telling her story directly to the audience, and it seems at first that it may be sadder than those which came before. We journey with her through her reminiscing on times gone by with her late husband Godfrey and his catch phrase “I’ve Tried it Once”. It soon becomes hilarious as we join her journey on her mission to find the big O and the struggle of online dating using “silver friends dating” and “”. Thomas Willshire is fantastic at character acting as he transforms into each of the men in the story.

Trapped Language by Ronan Colfer was up fourth and it really was the “most glorious of glories”. I was crying with laughter as two strangers met on a park bench and were completely besotted with one another. They were seemingly incapable of expressing it to one another so they instead broke the fourth wall to monologue their true feelings to the audience. The twist at the end of this story was hilarious as the lovers eventually addressed one another with their true feelings.

To close the show was Put Asunder by James McLindon, the tale of a bride preparing for her wedding day and all the old lovers that attempt to thwart it. The repetition of the structure of dialogue was used to great effect to create comedy and the final twist was a great way to close the show.

I was delighted with menu 2 and I’m hungry to see the other menus too!




Pleasance Dome – Queen Dome

10:30am (1 hour 5 minutes) Aug 6-13, 15-20, 22-27

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