The Bear- Pleasance Courtyard

The use of puppetry, props and clever staging really was a child’s imagination coming to life.

This is a very professional production. I can’t believe how much storytelling was fitted into an hour. The puppetry was brilliant and the show has fantastically choreographed transitions.  The staging is incredibly imaginative; made up of patchwork walls, colourful baubles, and props that appear and transform. Music was also used to great effect to set the tone.

The audience interaction was great fun. At the start the character Tilly in confidently bounding around the auditorium to meet the audience, and the audience interaction continues throughout the show. The bubbly persona of all the performers was great for keeping all ages engaged.

Lovely moments showed the friendship between Tilly and the bear growing stronger; from having a water fight with the bear in the bathtub to playing dress up with a bear in a bowler hat. Things don’t go smoothly because the bear in Tilly’s house is a perpetually messy, yawning, hide-and-seek loving bear. The climax of the show is a heartfelt song and as the disco ball lights up the music grows epic as Tilly rides the bear.

Incredible visual theatrical images are what are needed from a puppetry show aimed at children, and boy does this deliver. There was everything from shadow puppetry, to the huge bear. The bears body seemed feathered and the paws were disconnected so the audience were able to see all the workings of it, yet could still believe in it as a character in its own right, as all good puppetry should strive for.


Pleasance Courtyard Beyond

12pm (1 hour) Aug 5-19, 21-27



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Angela legg

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