Beans on Toast prepares to launch his seventh studio album in December.

Beans on Toast interview

On 12th November, Beans on Toast returned return to Glasgow to perform at the Stereo as part of his latest UK tour. The folk troubadour from Essex is touring ahead of the release of his seventh studio album in seven years, entitled Rolling Up The Hill

Recorded in Kansas in partnership with duo Truckstop Honeymoon, Beans on Toast’s latest work explores friendship, travel and art, taking a brief look at drinking, protests and aging. During the election, the singer came out in support of the Green Party, a theme of protest which has been developing in his work over the last few years.

Rolling Up The Hill will be released by Xtra Mile Recordings on 1st December and fans will have the chance to hear some of Bean’s latest work as he tours around the UK.

The fourth track from the new album, The Great American Novel, is available to listen to on YouTube, while tickets for Beans on Toast’s latest tour can be found here. Our interview with the Essex-born folk singer is available below:


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