Beans on Toast prepares to launch his seventh studio album in December.

Beans on Toast gears up for new album

Today, folk singer and cult legend Beans on Toast has released another teaser for his upcoming album, The Grand Scheme of Things.

Posted this afternoon to the singer-song writer’s YouTube Channel was a track from his new album, complete with simple music video, “A Whole Lot of Loving”, the seventh track on his new album. The song tackles the very current rise of UKIP, who Beans on Toast dismisses as the BNP in “another dress”, and Russell Brand’s revolution, before – true to his quirky, folk style – Beans on Toast switches to his key message: be happy. Dressed in his usual baggy t-shirt, jeans and baseball cap, he looks at the camera and sings to whoever is watching that he’s not worried about the world any more and that he is going to “get in the jacuzzi”.

The music video, as beautifully simple and honest as all of Beans on Toast’s songs, teases what looks set to be another fantastic album from the man who has already has six under his musical belt.

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This is the second video that has been released ahead of The Grant Scheme of Things’ release, with the album’s fourth track, “The Chicken Song”, also being released online with slightly bizarre visual accompaniment. Again, Beans on Toast takes on the big things in the world right now, tackling the ethics of battery farming using humour and a catchy tune, without ever dodging the issue he has chosen to sing about.

Based on the evidence we have so far, The Grand Scheme of Things could well be Beans on Toast’s best album to date. If you can’t wait until 1st December to get yours hands on the latest dose of Beans on Toast, the man himself is currently on his largest ever UK Tour and is playing in Aberdeen, Glasgow and Edinburgh on Thursday, Friday and Saturday respectively. Full tour dates are available here, with the tour continuing until 11th December across the UK.

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It seems that Beans on Toast’s latest release will be a fantastic antidote to the political slander and vitriol we can all expect ahead of the race to win the general election this May. Perhaps things would be much simpler, not if we all stop voting as Russell Brand would like, but if we, in the words of Beans on Toast, “just chill the f*ck out and get busy being happy.”

Track listing for The Grand Scheme of Things:

1. Folk Singer
2. The War on War
3. Fuck You Nashville
4. The Chicken Song
5. Stinging Nettles
6. Lizzy’s Cooking
7. A Whole Lot of Loving
8. Flying Clothes Line
9. All I see is Wagamama
10. NOLA Honeymoon
11. NYE

Image: Cropped use of “Next Album Photo” © JEM MITCHELL STUDIO.

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