BARK! The Musical… How the Little Dog Found His Voice- C +1

Emotional and oh so sweet. You don’t want to miss this fantastic musical.

We join the young pup Rocks the jack-a-shihtzu-a-poo as he makes new friends at the park with the big dogs and journeys to find his bark. The show explores the connections between dog and owner; hilarious and moving.

I never imagined the fringe would bring so much pleasure in the form of watching a bunch of pooches panting, licking, pawing and sniffing butts. It was so funny how Golda the Pug’s tongue was always stuck out! The attention to detail in characterizations was flawless. Who knew a song about whizzing being an art could be such fun?

It is simply brilliant how the female dogs sing about how “life’s a bitch and so are they” and the male dogs later sing about being “dirty filthy old fleabags”. With wonderful surprises such as from King, the chocolate Labrador, when reminiscing on watching TV with owner Billy he reveals that he is “in love with lassy”. Also King later reveals the plight of losing his balls with the golden rhyme of having “no riches to offer the bitches”. But my absolute favourite song was from Sam the Mutt, about the joys of being an M.U.T.T, this really got the party going.


C venues

17:25 (1 hour 15 minutes) Aug 9-12, 14-27

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Angela legg

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