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If you like Eurovision, then you’ll like Barbu. This year the Ladyboys of Bangkok lost out on their usual spot in the meadows, but pole dancing and nakedness can still be found there, thanks to Barbu.

Barbu are a brilliant circus/cabaret act, whose show starts out like any other of its type. They begin with rollerblading tricks, juggling and acrobatics, but as the show moves on so does the style. Soon enough, you are faced with a stage of half-naked Canadians, a hamster, sambucia shots and pies to the face. It’s hilarious, and would be a great start to a night out.

Barbu’s show is mad, but this is by no means a bad thing. If nipple tassels and homoerotic imagery isn’t your thing, then just sit back and enjoy the sheer talent of the performers. Without the silliness, Barbu are still indescribably talented, and the band who perform with them match their skill perfectly. The soundtrack accompanying the show is not too circusy, but sets and suits the tone of the show plus it’s also just really cool. It mixes electric beats with dramatically timed drums to great effect.

Barbu are on the more expensive side of the fringe, but you get what you pay for. It’s a show probably best watched after a drink or two and with friends, but if you wanted to see a circus act this year then Barbu should definitely have been on your list.

BARBU Cirque Alfonse Photo Credit Andrei Kalamkarov

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