Naomi Elliott, 17, is currently an A Level student studying Sociology, Ethics and Philosophy, and English Literature, and wishes to undertake a degree in Politics at University later on this year. Recently Naomi has won an award from Young Writers for her poem ‘Darkness’ which has been published in ‘Chasing Shadows- a Collection of Teen Poetry’ in March 2016, and can be found in The British Library. In the future, Naomi wishes to pursue a career in an international city law firm or the United Nations, in order to tackle the ongoing issues concerning human rights globally. Alongside this, writing is a hobby, which Naomi wishes to integrate into her career, by writing articles for newspapers, poetry and short stories. From a Google search, Naomi discovered Young Perspective, and since joining the website, has been provided with many opportunities to demonstrate her writing skills on social media. From this, Naomi wishes to build a portfolio for the future.