Austentatious: An Improvised Jane Austen Novel

Austentatious is at Underbelly George Square at 1.30pm. Book tickets in advance as the shows have been selling out in advance!

AUSTENTATIOUS is an entirely improvised comedy play in the style of Jane Austen. Join the all-star cast as they create a riotously funny new literary masterpiece, based on nothing more than a title suggested by the audience.


6 actors dressed in full Regency costume, 3 males 3 females, performing an hour-long improvised play in the style of the famous Jane Austen. Going on nothing other than a title suggested by an audience member the talented troupe managed to create a comedy show with an overarching theme and a proper plot – although it was very ‘Daft and Delirious’ (the title of this particular show).

With a talented musician accompanying them with period music and comical insertions throughout the piece,  the show was very rounded and professional. It was easy to see how in tune with each other the actors were and the real delight was in seeing how easily they could adjust their stories to a new direction if one of them changed it. Compared to other improv shows that often feel like they have a number of rehearsed scenes/gags that they have to insert at some point in the show.

One of the favourite things in the performance I saw was how much fun the actors had on stage. When trying to think of a nickname for the ‘Lord Stanley’ one came out with Nelson – when questioned on why he had chosen that he commented he was kept on an island prison. The other actor replied that this had happened a long time after the period setting of 1840 which the audience found hysterical. They were able to cover up their mistakes and really show how off-the-cuff they able to be.

A truly refreshing performance it was impossible not to adore the concept and the production itself. The audience laughed all the way through and was completely on board through the whole process. I would happily go back one time this Fringe and would imagine it to be a whole different play to the one I saw.

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