The Artist – Assembly Roxy

The Artist was a hilarious show which reminds us that play is the best way to find inspiration for art – and sometimes a glass of wine helps too.

How does an artist block out the distractions and focus on their task?

As the audience entered the auditorium, the Artist was painting manically behind his canvas, clearly trying to concoct a masterpiece, but hilariously revealing something quite unexpected. This sets the tone for the show; silly and hilarious.

It comes across as an average day in the life of this artist; nothing seems a big deal to him as he bounds around his studio surprising the audience with every action; laughing one moment and gasping the next. He resembles a nutty professor; tall and slim with messy hair and glasses. But no pristine lab coat, instead one covered in paint splatters to match his paint splattered studio. Pathetic one moment, breathtakingly incredible the next, and sometimes balancing both – literally; on his quest to get a paintbrush from the highest shelf he climbs his ladder in the most awkward and idiotic way while displaying an incredible feat of balance.

When a baby in the front row was making noise he acknowledged it and made it part of the show; gesturing that it would be unwise for the baby to have a sip of his wine, which got a good laugh. The audience interaction was engaging throughout. From fighting with his picture frame to fighting himself through it, from horror at the idea of using a staple gun on himself to hilarity at the idea of stapling an apple back into one piece, from desperately trying to stay calm to glee at finding solutions to the relentless drip drip drip from his scruffy art studio ceiling, the audience were completely behind him throughout.

Thom Monckton is multitalented: painter, performer, gymnast, clown, and dancer – his moon walk was on point!

The show started a little later than scheduled but it was well worth the wait! It was so much fun. The standing ovation says it all. If you want to have a good laugh and see an incredible performer this is the show for you.

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Angela legg

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