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Kasabian frontman Tom Meighan described them as ‘the band rock and roll needs,’ and whilst most would consider this a pretty wild claim, it’s easy to see why he comes to this conclusion: Alias Kid, the five-piece rock band from Manchester are certainly channelling a powerful Oasis renascence. Their 2015 debut album Revolt to Revolt definitely embraces the Madchester genre, with ‘Gallagheresque’ lyrical vigour and the punchy musicianship of the Stone Roses. It’s perhaps understandable where they conjure this creative energy from, as they’re managed by Oasis and Primal Scream impresario Alan McGee.

The band return to tour the UK with Shaun Ryder, notorious lead singer of the Happy Mondays, and his revived project, Black Grape.

     Revolt to Revolt is a short but musically dynamic album, and it’s easy to imagine crowds unanimously side-stepping and chanting the succinct lyrics to songs like ‘Revolution Sometime.’ The ten track album clearly demonstrates a musical diversity, with Ocean Colour Scene riffs in ‘Messiah’ and ‘Never Negotiate,’ against the unplugged Wonderwalls like ‘All Over Now’ and ‘Wheels.’

However, Alias Kid are a band built and shaped on a live sound, with member Sean O’Donnell described touring “as a lads’ holiday,” so hopefully this passion translates to their set supporting Black Grape in Liquid Rooms on the 24th November.

What have the band been up to since your headline tour earlier this year? 


The last four months have been pretty mental to be honest. We’ve done so many things. We’ve played new festivals we’ve never done before, with a stand out set being at Kendal Calling. We were on dead early so didn’t expect many people to be about, but the place was rammed, people singing our songs and wearing our t-shirts – was crazy. Also, we’ve been back in the studio cracking on with some new demos which are sounding great, so looking forward to getting those out there with a potential new exciting signing coming up. Aside from that, we’ve been booking in new tour dates all over the place and overseas again, and are now looking forward to a busy Autumn/Winter supporting Black Grape. No rest for Alias Kid.


Alias Kid have been seen heading back into the studio – can we expect any new material soon from the band?
We’re buzzing to all be back in the studio – and yes, you can expect a couple of new tunes coming your way when we’re all sorted with who we’re releasing them with. They’re sounding top, so we’re really excited about them. What does it sound like? Honestly, it sounds like Alias Kid, it sounds like us as people and I think that’s always the way our music has been, but of course if you wanted to sum it up we’d say a little bit punk and a lot of rock ‘n’ roll. I’d say the sound has changed a bit, if your songwriting is real then it’s bound to. We have changed and evolved as people so the songs you write change with that too. I just write what comes out and so does Sean then we go in rehearsal and see where we get it to. People won’t be disappointed. To me so long as it isn’t the insipid safe pop I get bombarded with every day then I think it is a win.



What lessons do you think the band mightve learned from making and touring the first album?
Our songwriting and the way we put a song together is still the same, I think we’ve just developed it and built on what we already did, but it’s a really natural thing to us. Touring though, we’ve really learnt a lot – like, never ask for a bottle of vodka on the rider or Sweeney will play the whole set on the wrong fret. We learnt how to present ourselves more, how to get our crowds more up for it, and how to have a better set and give them a better time, which is what it’s all about I guess.



What are your memories of touring with Black Grape last year and how does it feel to be opening up for them again? 


Lots of memories… Some that I definitely can’t say on here. A stand out moment I can mention would be Goose our driver trying to kill Sweeney with a frying pan in Dublin. Long story but I think Sean basically saved Sweeney’s life. Black Grape are such a top bunch of lads and I can’t say enough good things about all of them. They are all just top lads with top tunes so I can’t wait to get on the stage and open for them – it’s a total pleasure. I don’t think Black Grape get even half the credit they deserve when people talk about great 1990s bands.



What can we expect from the performances on the upcoming tour? 
We are going to throw a couple of new tunes in here and there but apart from that it will be the usual loud party atmosphere. The gigs have been getting bigger as the year has gone on and we are spotting Alias Kid t-shirts in the crowd now. So everyone: Wear those because every tee sold helps our drummer get a meal. But no, you can just expect the usual Alias Kid, just ramped up a gear, because that’s where we’re at right now; ready to take on the world, and get our fans taking it on with us. That’s what we are about so bring it on.


What have Alias Kid got in store for us for the rest of the year? 
Of course our main plans are the Autumn/Winter tour with BG. At the moment we are recording some tracks for releases – and trying choose the demos we want to run with. And again, we are working with some top people and will see where it goes from there – we know what the plan is but can’t talk about it yet so everyone will need to keep an eye on Alias Kid online. Also as I said before, we’ve got a few overseas slots booked again, along with a couple more festivals, like Bingley Music Live next week, (catch us on the main stage) and we will see where it all takes us.
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