Young Perspective accepts advertising on this website to help cover the cost of managing the website and our contributors. If you are interested in advertising with us, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Basic Advert

Cost: £5/month.

Your advert displayed in the sidebar of all pages on the website. The advert will be a 125 x 125 static image advertising your product or business, which will link through to a page of your choice when clicked on.

Footer Advert

Cost: £10/month.

An image in the website’s footer, accompanied by text (linked or unlinked to your external page).

Sponsor a Contributor

Cost: Contributor expenses.

Have your company logo displayed in an individual contributor’s avatar and be mentioned in their biography for a year in exchange for covering their annual costs ($50 for Google Apps for business + other expenses). Annual costs are guaranteed not to exceed £100.

Sponsor Young Perspective

Cost: £500.

Become the website’s main sponsor and be seen to publicly support young writers. You will receive further exposure, as well as being seen, as a news organisation, to be backing new talent. Your company logo will be displayed in the banner alongside our own and it will be clearly visible across the website that your company is sponsoring and funding new journalists, young writers and the next generation. Not only that, but if any work published on Young Perspective by any of our young writers fits into work you need to have displayed on your website then, as chief sponsors of Young Perspective, you would have the right to publish that work on your website for free (provided that credit is given to the young writer) to further their portfolio and achievement.

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