Young Perspective is a newspaper entirely written for and run by young people. All the work, from logo and website design through to front page articles, is done by people in the age bracket of 15 to 25.

Founded in July 2013, Young Perspective was created to help young writers achieve their ambitions as journalists by developing a portfolio of work. The website is designed to act as a news/comment site for anyone of any age on the internet to enjoy and as a public celebration of young writer’s work. The website gives young people the chance to get their work published, to get feedback from their peers and to experience things such as press conferences and theatre press nights.

The aim of the publication is to give young people the chance to write regularly, learn to meet deadlines and to publish a young point of view for everyone to read.

While the first ever piece written by a Young Perspective contributor might, in ten years, seem like it doesn’t really fit into their portfolio, it is still a fantastic exercise, great to get published early and incredibly useful to get public and peer feedback on your writing, so writers can hone and improve their skills.

Since its start-up Young Perspective has proved popular, drawing praise from Ian Rankin, along with a steady rise in unique monthly visitors. The bestselling author described the paper as ‘well-written’, ‘well-edited’ and ‘well-produced.’

It is great for young writers to receive feedback on their writing and for users to debate stories featured on the website, so please interact with the writers and stories through the comment system integrated into this website.


To get involved or to tell us about you or your show e-mail tabithajames37@hotmail.co.uk