A Step in Time

The Edinburgh University Footlight’s Showchoir presented an evening of musical history, performing a huge range of show tunes and pop hits from the Sixties through to today. The sheer number of tunes tackled by the cast of twenty-one was astonishing and songs were well shared out between soloists, small groups and massive numbers with the whole cast.

From the moment he came on stage, first time performer Gordon Shau, was clearly having the time of his life. In fact the whole cast were all visibly having such a good time that their audience couldn’t help but grin back at them. It has to be said that the women were the stronger singers, but the men very much compensated with enthusiasm. The showchoir’s rendition of Ballroom Blitz was one of the most fun performances I’ve ever seen. Elliott Gruzin and the other guys performed with captivating character and gusto. It’s vulnerable not to have all the frills of a show and a consistent character to hide behind, as you would in a musical. A Step in Time acted as a showcase of each member of the cast as individuals as well as the group as a whole.

The stage size was quite restrictive for dance numbers with the whole cast, but they worked with it. The showchoir’s hugely enjoyable version of Baggy Trousers by Madness had to be the best example of the larger dances, while three dancers https://www.acheterviagrafr24.com/achat-viagra/ accompanying a rendition of Hallelujah showcased some of the strongest individuals. All the medleys were fabulous and a lot of credit must go to Connie Osborne, the Musical Director who also conducted the whole extravaganza from backstage, seen by the cast on a TV monitor in front of the audience.

Kathryn Salmond proved herself an absolute gem. Her solo during the Beatles medley sent a shiver down my spine and her facial expressions throughout the whole two hours were hilarious. I am hugely looking forward to her performance as Feste in the EUSC’s Twelfth Night in a couple weeks’ time. Megan Crampsey was also absolutely brilliant. In particular her rendition of Special as ‘Lucy the Slut’ from Avenue Q managed to hit the perfect tone, teamed up with some balloons, which I didn’t think would ever be possible without the puppet. The last solo, She Used To Be Mine, by Anna Steen was incredibly heartfelt as well as showing off her striking vocals.

The show did seem to highlight the extent to which pop music went downhill in the 90s and 00s but that musical theatre has kept up the side, with some fabulous numbers from Shrek the Musical and Hamilton. And with the likes of McFly, as awful as it may be, it’s the music of our childhoods and the audience love it because we know every word.

There was no attempt at perfection and that is what made A Step in Time so great. Tech went wrong, there were wardrobe malfunctions and dropped notes but they just sang, danced and grinned through it all. The costumes were slap dash but plentiful and this just emphasised the fact that they weren’t taking themselves too seriously. It was difficult to resist the urge to sing along or jump up and have a go at the dance routines. The main question in my mind by the end of the finale, and no doubt many of the audience members’ was: When are the next set of auditions so I can join? The Footlight’s Showchoir will make you wonder whether there is anything better in life than a truly great song and dance.

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