A Dream of Dying

A Dream of Dying is performing at theSpace @ Surgeon’s Hall at 5.15pm.

A Dream of Dying centres on the unbelievable real life tale of a man who has never been identified. Using CCTV footage and interviews with local residents, the police pieced together a bizarre story of his final hours; buying envelopes that were never posted, giving fake addresses to hotels, disposing of his worldly belongings across various waste bins dotted across the small seaside town of Sligo in Ireland. When the body washed ashore, a long exploration began to attempt to identify the stranger – an investigation that remains unsolved.

FakeEscape Theatre  brings this new show to Surgeon’s Hall. A one man show speculating about the reasons this unknown man would have purposefully chosen to die unidentifiable. Set in a small intimate space the performance was strong and engaging.  An hour long it passed quickly with many chuckles – the audience was engrossed in his story.


However, I have to confess it wasn’t the most exciting story – it couldn’t have a conclusion as the case is still unsolved.  It was interesting to hear a possible reason behind why this man would have gone to such lengths to have died unidentifiable. Although the explanation they came up with was very convoluted and highly unlikely it made for an intriguing watch and was quite thought provoking.

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