Why 2016 has not been the worst year ever

With recent celebrity deaths, Brexit, Trump and the new wave of rightist populism, 2016 is being decried as the worst year ever – well, at least since 2001. That’s all nonsense and here’s why.

  1. Bowie, Prince, Alan Rickman, Andrew Sachs, Leonard Cohen amongst others all died and apparently this was grounds for 2016 being the worst cialis tadalafil avis year since 2001. That’s right, people whom have acquired fame and status dying all around the same time, which is perfectly natural by the way, makes the Bubonic Plague and the Soviet famine pale into insignificance. Many of the people who died were old and/or ill – has dying become unnatural?
  2. Apparently gun violence is up in America. 2012 was fairly similar in terms of gun related incidents as was 1999. Where there are guns there are going be people who use them on each other. It also just so happens that gun ownership has indeed went up in America so why the surprise? In fact, everyone loves talking about white men who have perpetrated gun violence in mass fashion – what about black on black gun crime and black on police officer crime?
  3. Where’s the problem? Economic uncertainty you say. What about 2008? Was it not worse? What about 1929 in the crash? Then there was the recession of the 70s and 80s. Also, Brexit has yet to actually happen so I’d hold onto my hat if was you on that claim.
  4. Trump became president. In fairness that actually made the markets perform better than they had before Brexit, in the UK at least. The only thing that went up was violence associated with protestors and that is illegal anyway and is perpetrated by Communists supported by George Soros so no need to worry there.

That’s kind of where the list ends really.

2016 is no better or worse than any other year it’s just that those in power and those in positions of extreme ignorance have decided that because this year they didn’t get their way then they thought they would complain about levitra contraindications it.

Stop complaining and blaming others for your shortcomings, face up to your own failings and start doing as you say. If you claim to believe in democracy then respect it and respect the democratic will of the people. If you wish for someone else then I say be very careful because your wish might just come true. Here’s why 2016 might just well be the greatest year so far:

  1. Rightist populism is shaking up the establishment and national sovereignty is back on the cards.
  2. If the old guard artists and celebrities are dying then maybe we might just get a little artistic revival and some individuality back into the arts.
  3. Come on, if Kirk Douglas is still going then there’s no need to cry over other celebrities kicking the bucket early.
  4. Unemployment is at an all-time low and the Living Wage is being raised.
  5. Life expectancy still going up.
  6. The Somme was 100 years ago and now battle deaths are nowhere near as high as that.
  7. Fake news keeps you on your toes, encourages you to do your research, and separates the idiots from the geniuses.
  8. Safe spaces do exist even though they are an abomination.
  9. If you get tired of being a man or woman just change your gender and you can enjoy all the benefits of the other sex.
  10. And lastly, are you dead? Then get over yourself. Everyone’s got their baggage.

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NB: This will be my last piece ever for Young Perspective. It’s been a blast and good luck to everyone for the future.

God Bless.

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