2 Become 1

2 Become 1 – Swipe Right Theatre Company
4th-28th August (not 17th), 4pm
Underbelly Cowgate

2 Become 1 is a feel-good, musical comedy that will take you back to the 90s’. It follows four girls as they attempt to navigate their way through 90s’ speed-dating. 2 Become 1 is hilariously ridiculous and whilst it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, the audience really loved it.

As the audience enters the theatre they initially hear the wailing of Jess (Natasha Granger), whose boyfriend has just broken up with her. She is eventually joined on stage by her three friends, Charlie (Eliza Hewitt-Jones), Molly (Kerrie Thomason) and Amanda (Bethany Black), who are determined to help Jess get over her ex. Despite Jess just wanting to stay in bed, watch Titanic and eat junk food, her friends decide to take her to a club speed-dating night. Although all four actors are hilarious, the plot is actually pretty thin. Not much happens in the show and it all concludes with the fact that Jess just wanted to stay at home, like she said at the very start.

Nevertheless, the audience was laughing uncontrollably throughout the show. This was mainly due to the facial expressions of Granger, Thomason and Black which, although massively exaggerated, summed up their emotions perfectly. Similarly, the random bursting into 90s’ songs also had the audience in fits of laughter, especially the impromptu performance of ‘No Scrubs’ whilst on the toilet in a club. The songs are all well-performed, and although some parts are weaker than others, the A Capella sections are particularly impressive.

Whilst the plot may be extremely thin, the references to the 90s’ are a big hit with the audience, as are the Spice Girls and Britney tunes. The huge crowd and cheers at the end are a testament to its hilarity, and despite the poor plot and slightly overdone moments, it really is a fun and true testament to the 90s’.

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